Driving Forward: Creative Expression and Photography

Portrait of Polly, Taken by Michele at the Basics Course Field Trip 2022

When you are going to a new place, weather it be creatively or technically, it’s good to go with someone who has been there before.

I would like to ask you, have you taken a Photography Course or workshop with me? Or do you want to take a course with me? I’m here to help, I would like to know what kind of creative guidance you need right now..

I often don’t know where I’m going, and in these cases, I just follow what excites me. I would reccomend this approach for so many things. When deciding what you want to improve in, what subjects you would like to photography, as well as what technics to try.

The photo below is important to me. It’s a moment I dared to step out of the “box” I had put myself into. A voice said I was a professional so I should behave X way. When I posed for this small group of students I stepped out of my box saying, I’m a creative person that can express that creativity in many ways. I’m an artist and I believe most people are.. And as creative beings we have a need to embrace and express our creative side no matter what our day job is.

“In the Dark” Portrait taken my Photography Basics Course Participant Katrin

I will be teaching the September Photography Basics Course in its full format. In the last years, I have noticed a slight difference in the kind of goals the students have when arriving in my classes. The people arriving now, not only want to learn how to use a camera, but also how to create unique visual content. With the small class size of the course, it is possible to address these goals! I’m looking forward to helping the participants feel more empowered to get the results they want this September.