In our most recent workshop, we implemented the “reversed classroom” learning style. To execute this, I created online video lessons and hosted a live and interactive zoom session with the students before the shooting date. The purpose of these is to introduce the new knowledge and techniques to the students before the shoot. The advantage is that students have time to digest the information before the class, and we have time to address all their questions.

The preparation really paid off. The students were comfortable trying out the new techniques, and achieved amazing results! I was so impressed by the work the students produced. Whilst practising working with light direction, they produced portraits of each other. They then used light modifiers to produce unique and creative shots of our models.

Another lesson here is that everyone can create something bigger and better by working with other people then we ever could alone. On the day of shooting, we worked with Jana on styling and Femke on make-up. Working with such talented professionals made a huge difference. Jana’s ‘Modern Worker’ theme and palette combined beautifully with the Amsterdam autumn outside. As always Winke and Huanhuan were beautiful and natural as ever in front of the camera working in this shoot without much direction needed. Michele Cigna filmed on the day to create some videos of the shoot.

Throughout such events, I always observe how we inspire each other and motivate each other. Even after many years as a photographer and teacher, I can get an idea from someone else’s shot, or see a new perspective I otherwise wouldn’t have. I cannot over emphasise the importance in photography of learning from, and sharing with each other.

Below are some examples of the students work from this workshop. I think you’ll have to agree, they are pretty impressive!

Photos by Andreas Kauerhof

The Modern Worker Styling by: Jana Chocholackova Make-up & Hair: Femke Videler Workshop: Natural Light Portraits by Megan Alter Photography Location: House of Arts & Crafts