We have kicked off 2019 with our first Photography Basics Course and our newly added Traveling StoryTeller Workshop.

Next up is this year’s Advanced Course.

Travelling StoryTeller: We had participants from all over the world in this workshop. It was cool to have a professional travel blogger @lovelauren.eujoin the course as well as two professional writers who joined with the goal of creating their own storytelling images to accompany their text @ellenbeez @jilltakespictures. We prepared for the shoot day as a group, going over techniques beforehand. We had a goal to create a unique series of 4-7 images about some aspect of Amsterdam using the techniques we learned in class.

After the workshop one participant @raoulgiova traveled north to photograph the aurora borealis. The resulting photo you see below illustrates three of the techniques we learned in class: establishing shot, unique foreground, and leading lines…

Coming up next: The Advanced Photography Course starts Feb. 25th.  Our next Photography Basics Course course starts March 13th, and there are still spots available for our Fearless Street Photography Workshop starting April 6th.