Courses & workshops are open for sign-ups.

As always, you can switch to different course dates or request a refund one week before your course or workshop starts.

What you need to know.

Updated: Mar. 15th 2021

Are your workshops going on as physical events?

Due to our small class size our courses & workshops have been running in real life quite often since the initial lockdown rules lifted in June 2020.

What precautions are taken?

  • 1.5 meter distance
  • Small class size
  • Masks for photo exercises Breaking into smaller groups for street shooting
  • Online Pre-booking of the course or workshop is required.
  • It is the responsibility of the visitors themselves to come to the lessons only in good health

Can I get a refund? What happens if the rules get stricter?

You can get a refund or change to a different course/ workshop as long as you request the change/refund one week before the course starts. 

We realise that the people currently booking our courses and workshops prefer a physical class. Therefore we do everything we can to maintain the in-person aspects of the class.

We have been and will continue to host the classes in alignment with what is socially responsible and follow government guidelines. 

Stay safe friends!

For questions you can contact us via our contact form