Photo of classroom with seats having 1.5 meters distance

Workshops will begin again June 27th 2020!

The property can only be entered if you have booked a course/ workshop online.

What you need to know:

Updated: June 2nd 2020

Our workshops will begin again June 27th 2020 and be hosted in alignment with Dutch Government guildlines. Our class size is 11 students max and we will maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between all participants and teachers during all lectures and exercises.

Students can only come to our studio if your have booked a course/workshop online. Students must maintain 1.5 meter distance everywhere in the building. It is the responsibility of the visitors themselves to come to the lessons only in good health and in limited company.

Please rest assured that if you book a workshop or course that needs to be rescheduled do to any changes in covid regulations, you will always be able to rebook at no cost or get a refund. As per usual, you can also request credit or a refund for any course or workshop you have booked provided you inform us you would like to cancel one week before the first date of the course or workshop.

We have been and will continue to host the classes in alignment with what is socially responsible and follow government guidelines. Our instructors are also available to host custom courses online. 

In the meantime we are in the process of developing new ways to add interactivity to our courses and workshops. Including have information online as well as developing hybrid courses that are a mix of online and in class teaching. 

Stay safe friends!

For questions you can contact us via our contact form