Not only do I want you to take better photos but I want you to feel the satification of expressing yourself creatively.

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You have created the best image of your life..
How does it feel?

Do you feel satisfied? How does it feel to have created something beautiful that you love to look at and expresses something you had inside you, even acting as a mirror to reflect your vision back to you. What is in the photo? I would love to find out.

I have created many technically beautiful photos in my life. With great color and light, sharp focus and good composition. I can teach you how to do this. But what I hope for even more is that you see a reflection of yourself in an image you create and you feel set free by seeing a piece of yourself in your image. A piece that maybe you didn’t understand before and gives you a new perspective on your life. 

For me, relationships have always been at the center of my life. It was so satisfying and powerful for me to see those struggles and challenges reflected in my Suicide Bride Series. The series that I still look at now, more than 8 years later and makes me feel I have communicated myself.. shared my struggle in some way…

​I​n every course and workshop​, ​Michele and I are striving to help each student find their voice. Operating under the mantra, that if your photos are different than others… That’s a good thing! Let’s create something different, something original this year that will stand out in the ocean of photos that are produced every day.

Eiad is our featured student of the month. He came into the course already aware that he loved high contrast and low key images. He used the long exposure techniques from Lesson 2 of the Photography Basics Course to create this dynamic series.