Amateur (Get the basics down)
We recomend 95 percent of our participates to start with the Photography Basics Course. For the Photography Basics Course we don’t expect any pre-knowledge.  This is the base for all other knowledge to be built on, even if you have taken a basics course before. Every level of photographer would have takeaways from a course like this.  The basics course is a prerequsite for most of our advanced workshops.  The basics course material can also be covered in Private Lessons or the Teambuilding Experience.

Experienced (I’ve taken the basics course)
After you have taken the basics course you can move onto the Advanced photography course, Private photography lessons, and/or Advanced workshops such as Natural Light Portraits, Fearless Street Photography.

Semi-Pro, Professional
We can help Professionals and Semi-pros build their portfolio through events such as Real Shoot Experience, Private photography lessons and Advanced Photography Course.

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