If you miss a class, you can go over the material for that day in your course booklet and do the exercises on your own. Then, If you have any questions on the missed class your instructor stays after each class for 15 minutes to help you with anything you didn’t understand.

It is not possible to attend a lesson from another course, as most of our courses sell out quickly and space is limited. Just like a concert or movie ticket your seat was reserved and can’t be switched to another day.

For the basics course, the field trip is always scheduled on Saturdays.  Since space is not limited on these trips we give the opportunity to visit the field trip in the upcoming course as well. Please visit the course page to check the dates.

For the advanced course, the field trip is a photoshoot that is not possible to recreate and the course is only held once a year.  For this reason it is not possible to make-up an advanced course field trip.


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