Amsterdam’s Travel Photography Workshop, turn your vacation into a photoshoot.


In this three part workshop you are invited to experience the steps for preparing and executing a successful photography trip.  The mission of this workshop is not only for you to learn theory, but to put that theory into practice and go home with a unique photo series.  Understand how to photograph and present your results in way that expresses the energy of the destinations you visited.

  • Create and work with a shot list.
  • Discover the method for creating a photo series as well as how and when to incorporate text.
  • Develop a photographers-eye, find the right motive and think outside the box.
  • See your travel destination through your camera’s eyes and be inspired by famous travel photographers.
  • Create meaningful images that tell a story.


  • Preproduction Meeting

    This date is to help everyone prepare to get great results. We will teach you the best practices for how to plan for a trip, as well as explaining exactly what to expect for the shoot day. You will recieve a Travel photography handout illustrating the different techniques we will use.

  • Shoot Day

    This workshop will include a concise lecture and visual presentation on travel photography. Then we will take our knowledge to the streets, going to three of Amsterdam’s hidden spots.  We will give new techniques to try at each destination.

  • Post-production Meeting

    Here you will bring your results and we will give you feedback.  We will discuss ideas about series creation and how to present your final results to the world.


  • Equipment: A camera that allows for adjustment of aperture and shutter speed.
  • Knowledge: You must know how to use your camera and understand the fundamentals of photography. If not, sign up for our Photography Basics Course.


Instructors: Jan, Megan.
Class Size: 9 students
Language: English
Gift Certificates Available: Yes


€375 incl. BTW
Dates:  [Preparatory Meeting: Nov. 7th] Shooting day: Nov. 12th [Review Session: Nov. 14th]
Time: [Preparatory Meeting: 19:30-20:30]14:00-17:00 [Review Session:19:30-20:30]
Location: Oudeschans 21, 1011KS Amsterdam

This course is not yet available for sign-ups.

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