Why I believe, every time we offer a course, it’s the best course we have ever done.

I’ve been hosting the Photography Basics Course for 13 years and it’s the most popular course we offer. Every year the course changes as a result of feedback and ideas from Students and Teachers.

The Course has always been focused on hands-on exercises that allow the participants to “learn by doing” But now, together with instructor and street Photographer Michele Cigna we are hosting our most hands-on courses ever!

Featured Student work by Jessie Greenberg

Michele’s teaching style is extremely hands-on and he is not afraid to get in front of the camera. This has enabled the students to get even better results during course exercises. Above is an example from Lesson 2 where we do a freezing motion shoot.

Besides going outside to shoot. In Lesson 3 we are using lights to create high key and low key Photo effects.

The group goes on the streets for exercises on composition and use of color.

After Covid we were forced to find new places to host our field trip which lead to us collaborating with Photographer Guilherme Barbosa from NDSM Studio and creating amazing results in the hanger at NDSM

It’s very exciting throughout the lessons to see the unique “voice” of each student start to develop. It’s beautiful how different people can approach the same situation but get completely different results.

The course photo review of printed work was amazing in the Summer session. Here is a great demonstration of the level of photography & prints the course participants were able to create by lesson 6.

Behind the Scenes photography by Michele Cigna. Join our next hands-on Photography Basics Course and learn how to use your camera to take better photos.