Meet the Megan Alter Photography Team

We teach digital photography workshops based on the simple idea that people learn best by doing. Our Photography Basics course was developed in 2009 to help people learn how to use their camera to take better photos. The course was very popular so since we have expanded to offer more courses as well as hands-on photography workshops in Amsterdam.

Together our teaching team hosts: Photography Basics Course,
 Fearless Street Photography, Natural Light Portraits, Private lessons as well as Team Building Experience.



Photographer, teacher & workshop producer. Megan Alter is an Amsterdam based photographer from New York. Megan taught photography in darkrooms and digital labs for 4 years while studying design and photography at the School of Visual & Performing Arts, at Syracuse University. After college she worked as a designer in New York for 6 years while continuing her study of Fine Art Photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. In 2008, she moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands where she started Megan Alter Photography. She is currently managing all photo shoots, workshops and course productions in Amsterdam and Den Haag.


Teacher/ Videographer

I’d say that I inherited the passion for photography from my father, then I started taking it more seriously, bought my first Magnum photography book and started studying more and more in depth. I’m interested in street photography mainly, probably because I’m a musician and I’ve always been into the underground artistic movements and in telling stories through art and creative media. I’m also interested in portrait photography because faces tell stories. About my style i don’t know, maybe you can tell me about it 🙂 about my teaching style, I always want to teach interactive classes, where I want to stimulate the students to use the tool (camera) to express an idea, rather than looking for the technically perfect photo.


PR/ Photographer



Teacher/ Photographer

Teacher & Founder of the Amsterdam Photo Club. He joined us in November 2012 and we were immediately impressed by his eye for photography, but it was his knack for founding and sustaining the popular Photo Club that made us want him on our dream team! His natural talent for hosting events and coaching photographers made him a perfect fit to teach in our courses and workshops. Kjell is a professional photographer, who graduated from the New York Institute of Photography. His photos focus on portrait, travel, and still-life; his photography has an uncanny ability to capture beauty while revealing the inner qualities of his subjects.



Emiel is a an enthusiastic photographer born and raised in Amsterdam. He’ll be able to show you the sweet spots of Amsterdam and point out photogenic qualities of the city. It is not surprising his focus is on street photography. He enjoys architectural and landscape photography as well as colorful minimalistic shots or monochrome photography. Emiel has several years of experience in Adobe Lightroom catalog and post production. He is not only teaching courses and workshops for Megan Alter Photography, but also a team member of the Amsterdam Photography Club; hosting photowalks, portfolio reviews and other events.

Katharina Vorndran, Social Media & PR Coordinator, videographer



Katie has always had a love and talent for creating and editing video content. The German Masters student started as Megan’s intern in fall/winter 2015 and worked as the companies Social Media, PR and Sales Coordinator from May 2016 until October 2017. Now spending more time on her Masters studies she remains on the team as videographer and video editor turning photoshoots, workshops and events into beautiful behind the scenes footage.