Meet the Megan Alter Photography Team

We teach photography workshops based on the simple idea that people learn best by doing. Our Photography Basics course was developed in 2009 to help people learn how to use their camera to take better photos. The course is very popular so since we have expanded to offer more courses as well as hands-on photography workshops in Amsterdam.

Together our team hosts: Photography Basics Course, Fearless Street Photography, Natural Light Portraits, as well as Team Building Experience.


Photoshoot & Workshop Producer/ Photographer

Megan Alter is an Amsterdam based photographer from New York. Megan taught photography in darkrooms and digital labs for 4 years while studying design and photography at the School of Visual. In 2008, she moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands where she started Megan Alter Photography. 

She has a passion and knack for bringing people together and creating exciting events. That is why our workshops are so hands-on and focused on experience, interaction and creation rather then sitting at a table in a classroom. Megan views each lesson as an event in itself and an opportunity to create.


Teacher/ Photographer/ Videographer

Michele is an artist through and through with a passion for teaching. His teaching style is extremely hands-on and he is not afraid to get in front of the camera. Since joining the team he has also produced behind the scenes videos as well as educational videos for Megan Alter Photography’s educational portal. “I want to stimulate the students to use the tool (camera) to express an idea, rather than looking for the technically perfect photo.”


Founder Amsterdam Photo Club/ Photographer

Kjell is a long time partner and founder of Amsterdam Photo Club. He’s been partnered with Megan Alter Photography since November 2012. Besides sustaining the popular Photo Club and his natural talent for hosting events. Kjell and Megan are constantly innovating how photography events are hosted to bring the best possible photography experiences to Amsterdam. Together they have enabled both Megan Alter Photography and Amsterdam Photo Club to become a central hubs for all things photography in Amsterdam. 


Videographer/ Founder Urban Photo Race

Luis is a videographer and founder of the Urban Photo Race, Amsterdam’s biggest event for photographers. He joined forces with Megan Alter Photography in 2011 and produced our phenomenal behind the scenes videos for our “Real Shoot Experience” Events. He remains on the team as videographer and video editor turning photoshoots, workshops and events into beautiful behind the scenes footage.