A dress that fits, the most tasteful cake, a perfect venue and an exclusive guest list – a wedding can be a lot to plan. Months of decision making and stressing out over the best flower arrangements are all leading up to one single, very special day in the life of two people. As a photographer your task on this day is to capture every beautiful moment of this day and try to make every shot a unique memory.

Tara & Richard

bride Tara

To keep them from stressing out on their big day I met Tara and Richard a few hours before they got married in Utrecht. While they were on their way to the venue I made them stop every now and then to get some spontaneous and unique images. Away from relatives and friends it was easy for them to enjoy the shoot without any interruptions. They were posing very natural and careless in front of the camera. As there was no cake to cut, hands to shake and speeches to listen to yet we had a lot of time to relax and take the perfect wedding shots. For their unique wedding shoot I chose a few historical gardens and buildings in Utrecht to give their shoot a timeless and more original feeling.

bridal photography

Wedding photography

wedding photographer

bride and groom

Everybody thinks their wedding is the best and most unique one, these images are proof that Tara and Richard really did have a wedding like no one ever did before.


Tara & Richard in love

Photography: Megan Alter Photography