Trees are going bald, leaves are changing color, we swap from light summer jackets to warmer rain-proof coats. Fall is about to start and winter is waiting around the corner.

We used the last few sunny days to have a late summer BBQ in an Amsterdam backyard. This “Summertime Sadness” shoot was for theModeCode, an international column in fashion and lifestyle, with stylist and model Rebeka Kadlicsek.

Summertime Sadness

Summer fashion

The sun is shining, the smell of grilled sausages is in the air and a kiddy pool helps keeping the heat on a bearable level. It was easy for Rebeka to feel good in such a fun and playful set-up.



It was great to have one last sunny day in the garden, before fall really kicks in. Home is where the heart is and what else do you need but a little homemade summer-paradise in your own backyard?

model photography

model photography

Summertime Sadness was shot for: theModeCode // Model & Styling: Rebeka Kadlicsek // Model Photography: Megan Alter Photography // Location: Amsterdam, NL