The advanced photography course students took a trip to Amsterdam Noord with three models for a photo shoot. 

The first Advanced Photography course of 2019 has officially concluded and I am still buzzing about this field trip. We decided to take a trip to the pink and yellow gas stations in Amsterdam Noord, which brought out the creativity in everyone.  Our instructor Jan led the way by bringing interesting light modifiers and props such as prisms and foil.  The students rummaged through their homes and came prepared with creative props such as umbrellas, coffee, and tomatoes. Even the weather played its part by providing the perfect light for us to create some great photos.

Jan found himself inspired by the students creativity and felt the need to get in on the action. When inspired, the best thing to do is pick up the camera and this time a student caught him in the act. 

It’s always exciting to capture and reflect on some truly great photos, but this field trip also provided us all with am amazing time. Come join the next Advanced Photography Course in September 2019!