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Would you like photography lessons that fit into your schedule, and are customized to your goals? The mission of our private lessons is not only for you to learn theory, but to put that theory into practice. We will design a custom course based on your goals using our lesson materials and exercises in your areas of interest. We will match you with one of our photography instructors that can best help you achieve your photography goals.

All our workshop and course subjects are available in Private Lessons. If you are interested in covering the Basics or Advanced course in private lessons, you can pick 4 or 5 lesson hours.

  • In the Basics course level you will learn how to use your camera to take better photos.  Experiment with techniques such as shallow depth of field, freezing motion, night photography and motifying natural light.  Go to our Photography Basics course page if you want to know more about the content of our basics course.
  • If you choose to follow the private lessons at an Advanced Photography course level, you are able to delve deeper into subjects of your choice, develop your own style, and build your portfolio.


  • Class Set-up: Learn by doing

    Each class will include a concise lecture and visual presentation on the subject of the day. Then it’s time to put your new knowledge to use.  The second half of the lesson you will be doing exercises with your camera.

  • Homework & Image Review

    You will then be given the opportunity to master the skill in creative out of class assignments and receive feedback on your images in the following lesson.

  • Custom Lesson Schedule

    Normally each lesson is an hour long, once a week but you can distribute the lesson hour differently if you wish, for example if you are visiting from out of the country and will only be here a couple days


  • Knowledge: This course is appropriate for anyone looking to improve their photography, no previous knowledge required.
  • Equipment: camera .  We suggest a camera that allows for adjustment of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, however these lessons can also be adjusted to work for camera phones.


What’s included: Customized photography course and course booklet.
Instructors: An instructor from our team that matches your availability and photography goals.
Language: English or Dutch
Gift Certificates Available: Yes


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*Prices are per person, exclusive of VAT

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