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Learn how to give your photos that extra pop using Photoshop 

You can now learn Photoshop through private lessons with one of our very own Photoshop experts. We can teach you the basics as well as trade secrets to help you take your photos to the next level.

What you will learn:

    • Photoshop basics: everything you need to know before the deep dive.
    • Dynamic editing: how to make the changes you want, on just the parts you need them.
    • Quick&easy retouching: getting rid of those little annoyances in your photo’s.
    • Recombining photo’s: ever wanted to know how to magically place elements in new surroundings?  We’ll show you how


How it works:  

Lessons will be held in the center of Amsterdam with your private instructor. You can bring your own computer for the lessons or do the exercises on ours. The lessons are paired with coaching and customized out of class assignments to help you practice.



You must book a minimum of 3 lessons which is enough to introduce you to the basics, book more lessons if you would like to learn more advanced editing techniques. Lessons for 1 person are 1 hour, all other lessons are 1.5 hours each. (Prices are per person, exclusive of VAT) Fill out the form below to book your personal Photoshop lessons.


What you will need:

A computer that runs Photoshop and a desire to learn.

Please choose your amount of lessons sign up on the right side of the page!

How many lessons would you like?