Real Shoot Experience is a 4 part event designed to help you create great images and gain exposure for your photography

What you will experience

Are you excited to go be a part of the creative process and produce a photoshoot? Learn by doing in a supportive environment surrounded by creative people excited to create. We will work as a small group to produce a shoot with a theme.

Concept, preparation, shooting, post-production, and sharing the final work. You are invited to join our team as we go through the steps together. Tackling a photoshoot collaboration as a team, we will guide you on how to make the best results possible, and then we share the work we’ve done with the world on channels we will discuss.

  • Learn about concept development and content creation.
  • Intensive, real live shoot experience. 
  • Brainstorm as a team, share your ideas
  • Produce bigger results by being a part of a creative team
  • Gain exposure for your photography
  • Experience a real photo-shoot production process


  • Preproduction Meeting

    Here you will be trained on how to get great results on the shooting day. We teach you how to prepare for a photo shoot, share useful techniques and prepare a mood board. You will gain access to our Educational Portal with videos to help you prepare and illustrate the different techniques we will use. Then we will take our knowledge to the shoot!
  • Real Shoot Experience Shoot Day

    The shoot itself will be for 3 hours. Here we will work as a team to get the best results possible and the most quality material to build our story. We will photograph props, location, people and/or models as decided together during the preproduction meeting.
  • Post-production Meeting

    Here you will bring your results from the event and we will give you feedback and discuss editing. We will together as a group create a selection of images that best communicates our story in a way that attracts attention and discuss how we will share the media we created.
  • Exposure:

    Lastly, we will do a media release and promotion of the work.
    Here we will share our results online to promote and gain attention for the work that we created as a production team.  We will credit each other as a production team in the featured images.


  • Knowledge: Completion of our Digital Photography Basics Course.
  • Equipment: A camera that allows for adjustment of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. (A camera can also be rented for the shooting day for 40 euros)


If you want to bring you photography to a next and better level I strongly suggest to join one of the “The Real Shoot Experiences” from Megan Alter. Best styled models, perfect locations, professional lighting set-ups, individual advice, instructions and tips.
Charles Groeneveld The Hague, Netherlands


Workshop: €598 early bird €495 incl. BTW
Dates:  [Pre-Production Meeting: Nov. 8th] Shooting day: Nov. 12th [Post-Production Meeting: Nov. 15th]
Time: [Pre-Production Meeting: 19:00-20:00] Shooting day 13:00:00-16:00 [Post-Production Meeting: 19:00-20:00]
Location: Oudeschans 21, 1011KS Amsterdam

Requirements: This event is for students who have attended our Photography Basics Courses and at least one of our Workshops (Fearless Street Photography or Natural Light Portraits)
Priority will be given to these students. Photographers that haven't taken our other courses will need to submit an application to be considered. This is because of the high production level of this event that we prefer experienced photographers to join that can take full advantage of this opportunity.

This course is full, please check our other upcoming course dates.

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