Experience what it’s like to be a professional photographer for a day and build your portfolio

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Theme to be Announced

This Spring 2019, our Real Shoot Experience: shooting models edition, will dive into working with professional models  and give you the chance to experiment with Portrait and fashion photography.  In this event, we will give you pro tips for shooting people and movement to help you create impressive images .  We will also show you how to create a moodboard and work with natural light which will help you direct the models on the ground for lifestyle shots using props.


  • Preproduction meeting for Photographers

    This date is to help everyone prepare and get great results. We will give tips and tricks as well as instructions of how to avoid common mistakes. We will teach you how to prepare a mood board for the day as well as explaining exactly what to expect for the day in terms of models, location and shooting times.
  • Real Shoot Experience Shooting Workshop

    The workshop will have 2-3 models and each model will be in a different setting. You will get instruction and a chance to work with each model.
  • Post-production Meeting

    Here you will bring your results from the event and we will give you feedback and retouching advice. We will also give a short demo in Lightroom and Photoshop illustrating the most important techniques.

  • Exposure:

    You have the opportunity to submit your photos for use on the Aerials Amsterdam Webpage and social media.  The most fashion forward images will be featured on the site with the photographer’s credits.

What you will experience

Learn by doing in a supportive environment surrounded by creative people excited to learn.

Does the idea of working with models excite you? Would you like to take your creative ideas to the next level? Fire your shutter in a 4-hour, intensive, real live shoot experience. You are invited to reign, guided by pro’s, while learning advanced habits, tricks, and tools by doing and observing. We shoot at dynamic locations with an array of props and professional lighting, all laid out. Our TV and movie themes combined with a team of amazing models, styling, and make-up will give you the perfect chance to create beautiful images.


  • Equipment: A camera that allows for adjustment of aperture and shutter speed. A flash and tripod can be helpful but are not required.
  • Knowledge: You must understand how to use your camera and have advanced photography knowledge.  Including complete command of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and their effects. If not, check out our Digital Photography Basics and Advanced Digital Photography courses to get you prepared.


  • Instructions for how to prepare for a photo shoot
  • Photography advice and tips
  • On location shoot with props
  • Models styled according to the theme of the workshop
  • Retouching advice for your photos


If you want to bring you photography to a next and better level I strongly suggest to join one of the “The Real Shoot Experiences” from Megan Alter. Best styled models, perfect locations, professional lighting set-ups, individual advice, instructions and tips.
Charles Groeneveld The Hague, Netherlands


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