Here, the missing step in your photography process that will set you free.

Photo by Megan Alter. Created at our Natural Light Portraits Workshop

Wait.. Breath.. What do you need right now?

It’s not always easy to react in the moment. To be in touch with what you want and know the best course of action to get it.

I sometimes find it hard to focus. It seems there are so many possibilities of what I can do in any given moment that I can feel overwhelmed. Once I have a plan, the options decrease, I’m able to focus on each step of the process more closely.

How does this relate to photography..? Well what do you want to photograph? If you don’t limit yourself to a concept or theme it can be overwhelming. Concept development is the first step in the photography process (no matter how much energy you put into it…) If you don’t define any goal or theme for yourself and go around snapping aimlessly your results will reflect that.   

Once a subject is defined everything becomes easier and deciding a theme. Like “doors” or “back-lighting” for example, will instantly open your mind, focus you, allow you to explore and find more interesting results.

Featured Work by Photography Basics Participant Marco Novelli

Concept development and how to make that a simple process is something I teach in our Fearless Street Photography Workshop and in our Free Online Masterclass series. View our full Course & Workshop selection.