My girl in the City – One-on-one photography lesson  //   A post by Fernando Pae

I came from Venezuela to do a course and a one-on-one photography lesson with Megan Alter Photography. After training with Megan, she gave me the opportunity to do a photo shoot with a real model. I designed a Mood Board inspired by Lana Del Rey and The Great Gatsby Movie, and my main idea was to photograph a girl in the city, I only choose a dress for the one-on-one lesson and Megan did the rest. When shooting i forgot the Mood Board but… I found a love for fashion photography.

Thanks To, Megan Alter, Marco Silva and Valeriya Maleyeva…
Amsterdam 2013

one-on-one photography lesson



one-on-one lesson




Model: Valeriya Maleyeva // Photos: Fernando Paez // Styling​: Megan Alter & Fernando Paez // Video: Marco Silva

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