Sunny side up! It was a beautiful day, which gave us the perfect conditions for our Natural Light workshop in January. The light was beaming through the windows at the start of the workshop. This gave us the perfect opportunity to practice high contrast lighting as well as back lighting techiniques.

real shoot experience

model photography

natural light workshop
natural light

photography workshop

behind the scenes

The window frames gave us shadow patterns to work with.

shadow games

Natural light workshop

As the natural light workshop went on the sun’s position changed and offered a more subtle and diffused light.


princess on chair

By 4pm the winter sun had dimmed and we practiced in low light conditions.


Thanks to our production team for another successfull Real Shoot Experience event.  Our June workshop “Real Shoot Experience: Hunger Games” is now open for sign-ups.

Models: Valeriya & Mariska
Make-up: Lidia
Styling: Rebeka
Natural Light Workshop Production: Megan Alter Photography