Natural Light Portraits is a two part model workshop that will teach you creative techniques for shooting unique natural light portraits.

Photography Workshop


Learn by doing in a supportive environment surrounded by creative people. You are invited to reign, guided by pro’s, and learn how to master natural lighting techniques to create gorgeous shots. You have the opportunity to create natural light images with our model on location.  Moreover, you will:

  • Understand how to create dynamic portraits using natural light.
  • Learn how to use found light motifiers to produce creative lighting techniques.
  • Start your own natural light toolbox.
  • Learn techniques for dealing with bright light and lack of light situations.
  • Gain experience using techniques for back, front and side lighting.
  • Learn techniques to work with a reflector
  • Understand how to create beautiful high key and low key images


  • Workshop Set-up: Learn By Doing

    The workshop will include a concise lecture and visual presentation on Natural Light Portrait photography. You will recieve a handouts illustrating the different techniques we will use.

  • Photography Exercises

    During the workshop you will be given partnered exercises to help you practice what we learned and have the opportunity to experiment with different light modifiers. Lastly, we will apply what we learned and practiced during a photo shoot with a model.

  • Review Session

    Here you will bring your results and recieve feedback on your images.  We will discuss common editing techniques, image choice and how to present your final results to the world.


  • Equipment: A camera that allows for adjustment of aperture and shutter speed.
  • Knowledge: You must know how to use your camera and understand the fundamentals of photography. If not, sign up for our Photography Basics Course.


Instructors: Megan, Jan, Anastasia
Class Size: 12 students
Language: English
Gift Certificates Available: Yes


€ 135 excl. BTW
Dates:  Oct. 5th [Review Session: Oct. 9th]
Time: 14:00-18:00 [Review Session on Oct. 9th is 19:30-20:30]
Location: Oudeschans 21, 1011KS Amsterdam

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