The 2024 Natural Light Portraits workshop had a great group of participants join. We taught them many techniques for how to create unique images and lighting effects and they took on the challenge of photographing 3 models styled in the theme Shadowhunters.

Here is a sample of the images created.

If you are a Basics Course Alumni and you missed this event, don’t worry as you can still join our Fearless Street Photography Class to do some real-life shooting with us. If this workshop excites you but you haven’t joined our Photography Basics Course yet, we have one open this month, so join us for some street shooting this Spring.

MUA: Art of Colors, Suze Rongen, Andreea Vasilica
Workshop Production: Megan Alter Photography
Location: Amsterdam House of Arts and Crafts

We also had the lovely Marta there capturing some great behind the scenes video clips (coming soon)