What did you say? Where are we? This is a photography workshop?

A group of creatives get together to produce and photograph “Lost in Translation” is the theme for this Real Shoot Experience Workshop. How appropriate in this group where the members of the team are coming from all over the globe.

After looking through the lens to take the first couple shots I pull away from my camera and say, it’s looks like we are in Asia!  Where are we? The studio was transformed and suddenly I felt like I was a voyeur looking through the window of a private dressing room.

These shots illustrate the collaboration of the team from the styling, to the lighting, make-up, the use of lighting modifiers and lastly the concept brought to the shoot by the photographers.

This event gave me so much energy and motivation to teach more and continue sharing my ideas and insights about creating unique images.

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Workshop Photo-shoot: “Lost in Translation” Styling: Shakira Kaufmann MUA: Lydia Workshop Production: Megan Alter Workshops Clothing: House of Papaya Location: Amsterdam House of Arts and Crafts