In my recent hermit days, I found myself revisiting previous work that I found personally fulfilling, and searching for new ways to be grateful. One of my most emotionally charged photographs is from my suicide bride series and features a woman surrounded my water. I decided to recreate this idea in a new setting: winter…

This is part of a new project I’m excited to be working on with more information to come!

“I dreamt about you lying in the snow. Your tears were being frozen. But your heart and EYES made all the snow melt into a beautiful place with LIFE”

“The cold felt like a blanket. I felt the heat of my body push up against the world around me – the snow stick to my skin. It was surprisingly intimate.

I was really surprised when I saw the photos. Looking at myself felt (un)familiar.”

-Sandy Woo

Model: Sandy Woo
Shawl Design: Vanstolked
Location: Amsterdam Noord
Photography: Megan Alter