Photo by: Elif Altinbasak

Finding Inspiration and being in “THE ZONE” to create

Don’t you love that feeling when you are filled with ideas? When you are motivated by so many things there isn’t enough time to do them all. That’s what I want, to live more in the creative space, and be in touch with my inspiration and motivation to create.

Every December, I naturally get in the mood to set goals for the coming year. Goal setting is so important, creativity also needs direction. “You need a box to think outside the box” You can’t get to where you are going if you don’t know where it is. 

This year, I have some very clear goals about what I want to accomplish with my teaching but personally, my goal is something I want to feel. I want to feel inspired and live my life in my creative vibes. So I have planned time for that in 2023 because a busy mind is not a creative mind, peace is required for that. 

Announcing, Monthly Inspirations
In 2023, I will be sharing my mood boards to help inspire you to create.
Trending…. is a New Monthly Mood board/ shooting assignment to keep you inspired in 2023

I would like to share my inspiration, mood boards, and shooting concepts via my channels to help inspire other photography lovers by creating monthly shooting challenges. I dare you to take one of my mood boards and inspire me back with what you create with it.

I invite you to join us!

Behind the Scenes of our Photography Basics Course

Announcing: The Flipped Classroom
All our courses are now flipped, meaning we have added an educational portal with videos introducing you to the important techniques you need to make the most out of classroom shooting time. You maintain access to these resources before during and after the course.

Limited Availability: Our 2023 Events are open for Sign-ups
We expect all our 2023 courses and workshops to sell out. Reserve your spot now if you would like to join us.