Continue your photography education with the newly redesigned Art of Portfolio Creation Course

In 2019 we hosted our first Art of Portfolio Creation Course.  More people than ever have been asking for the follow up course to the Photography Basics Course. The Art of Portfolio Creation is a redesign of the Advanced Course. What exactly does this mean? We have edited the content to focus more on self-discovery, helping the students realize what sets their vision apart from others. 

Find Your Voice, Develop Your Portfolio.  How did we create this course differently?

In addition to exploring different areas of photography such as night, macro, portrait and city scapes, we wanted to introduce additional concepts such as Photography for Self Discovery… Discuss what is Art photography..?  How can it help you express yourself and learn about yourself..? One of the goals we have for the students is that they learn what sets them and their perspective apart from others, and that can only be done through group critic and exploring multiple areas of photography.

For the redesigned course we dropped the “advanced” title. To follow an intense course like the basics course that combines beginner and intermediate knowledge, it’s better to organise the follow up course by having a common goal rather then a common “level”. After the basics course, participants can be at different locations on their path to mastering the knowledge. We are all still mastering these skills…

We also plan and execute a photoshoot together as a group during the course. We work with models and a moodboard which opens the opportunity to tell stories. Walking the participants through the process of planning a shoot, creating and working with a moodboard is a skill that can be used for every future photo ambition they have.

This course is held two times a year with one course starting in February and the second one starting in September. During the first course photoshoot in 2019, Akshay and Sarah modeled at Zuidas in Amsterdam. The models were clothed by designer Sarah Van Der Wilk and had make-up done by Femke Videler.  We are very much looking forward to the 2020 course photoshoots because every one differs with variations in theme, locations, models and styles.  Can’t wait to see what is created next…

You can officially sign up for the course at