The learning curve just got steeper. The biggest breakthrough since digital photography for learning photography fast.

Featured Student work by: @look.look.lena

Is there something you have always wanted to do? Is there something you always wanted to create? Let’s not let dreams just be dreams. The solution is messy action!

I’m finally in the process of creating something I’ve wanted to make for at least 10 years now. A video for every lecture of our most popular Photography Basics Course. I want to first admit this hasn’t been easy. I have cried from frustration and exhaustion a couple of times. 

But nothing can express the feeling of gratitude I have now to finally see the impact my video lectures have had on the course! We now focus the course time entirely on Photo Reviews, Questions, and Shooting. Which has enabled me to spend more time with each student. It feels so good to share my prized course that I have developed over the past 13 years in a way that gives students full access, what a win-win!

Thank god I’m moving past perfectionism just in time. Messy action is my solution. Trial and error is so much better than thinking and dreaming but never actually creating the online education portal I really wanted to offer my students.

The above photo and many more great shots were created already during the winter course as a result of the additional time and energy I now have to create a Real Shoot Experience during class time. ❤️

Behind the Scenes of our Photography Basics Course

The Flipped Classroom

The videos and educational portal are helping the students take control of their cameras and get the results they want. The students have full access to the video series via the educational portal which helps us make the most out of classroom shooting time. They also maintain access to these resources before, during, and after the course.

All our Real Light Courses and Workshop now have the course material on video and give the student full access.  Check out our Event line-up!