Since I’ve moved to Amsterdam, I’ve been watching Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden(GTST) to help learn Dutch. It’s the most watched TV Show in the Netherlands. I’ve wanted to photograph some of the actresses from the show and I finally got my chance. Dilan Yurdakul plays the tough cop, ‘Aysen Baydar’ on the show. She’s a true talent. She is effortless to photograph.  This shoot is special to me, so I’ve kept it to myself for some time. I was not ready to share the images yet, but here they are, so many good shots from only one session…

I call it “The Softer Side”

Dilan Yurdakul
Dilan Yurdakul Dilan Yurdakul

Dilan Yurdakul

Dilan Yurdakul



Model: Dilan Yurdakul // Styling: Wendy De Kok // Photography: Megan Alter // Location: Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam

One Response to GTST Star Dilan Yurdakul at Lloyd Hotel

  • Martin

    Her beauty takes my breath away!
    The perfect woman and those brown eyes… ♥