Thanks to director Baz Luhrmann “The Great Gatsby” was brought to life on cinema screens in May 2013. Leonardo Di Caprio’s performance took our heart by storm once again and now events in the style of the 1920s are more sought after than ever. The hype around the glorious parties and the fashion of the golden 20s doesn’t stop and images of these glamourous times are in high demand for online content. So Megan Alter Photography decided to offer a workshop with the theme of Great Gatsby as one of their Real Shoot Experience events.




The workshop not only included the 5 hour shoot, but also a pre-production meeting, to show the best photography techniques, a post-production meeting, which was all about editing pictures, as well as an exhibition of the best shots in the end. For some more social media presence we teamed up with Yelp. They came on the day of production and live-streamed our shooting on all social media channels. Yelp also sponsored our exhibition party, where we showed the behind the scenes video and showcased everyone’s best images.




The location we chose was about three hours away from Amsterdam, in the stunning Humphrey’s Restaurant in Zwolle. One garden and three floors gave us plenty of room to shoot our six models from every angle possible. Each room provided us with different amazing props and beautiful backgrounds. In the end we shot in about 10 different locations within the restaurant.




Two of our models were professionals in other areas as well, one an actor and the other a professional dancer. They surprised us with a little dance show, just like back in the 20s. All of the models had a lot of fun and really felt that careless freedom everyone seemed to have at Gatsby’s parties.







Production & Photography: Megan Alter Photography // Women’s Styling: Wendy de Kok // Men’s Styling: Marja Bennenbroek // Hair: Yvonne Vloedbeld // Production Assistents: Aydin Kut & Kjell Leknes // Location: Humphreys Restaurant, Zwolle // For more information on future workshops go to; see the Exhibition