Learn simple shooting techniques that produce big results


Would you like ideas for your work? There is a formula for creating unique shots. Let me help you load your photography toolbox with ideas and techniques.

In this free online workshop series, we will break down different aspects of creating an image. We will cover shooting techniques that will make your vision finally come alive.

  • Preproduction, Shooting and Post-production I will walk you through the process of creating a shoot.
  • Stop getting lucky shots and learn how to consistently create good results that make you feel satisfied to see your vision come to life.


  • Workshop Set-up:  Interactive Learning

    This workshop sets itself apart from other free online workshops because of its interactive and collaborative aspect. Send us your questions and we answer them during this workshop.

  • The Method

    We will give an overview of the Photographic Method that uses simple techniques to produce big results and introduce our upcoming courses and workshops.


Instructor: Megan Alter
Language: English

Zoom: Camera’s on (to enable this meeting to feel as real as possible we prefer everyone join the zoom call with their camera on)

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Workshop is hosted via Zoom Mar. 28th 19:00-20:15 2022 CET


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