Rebeka as the fashion victim.

Every woman knows this struggle. You walk down the street and a shop window catches your eye. It’s the brand new Michael Kors collection, a pair of nude heels to die for or the classy little black dress, which never gets out of style. Fashion can be a drug – one that doesn’t harm your organs or health, but will make your bank account bulimic. Always remember: Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy.

Fashion Victim is one of the shoots we did for theModeCode, an international column in fashion and lifestyle, with Model and Stylist Rebeka Kadlicsek.


fashion photographer



The location we shot “Fashion Victim” at was the Technische School in Amsterdam Noord. The rough and neutral structure of the ground represent the tough business fashion can be, while the school with it’s brown and dark red stones reminds us how fashion is a never ending, lifelong lesson to learn.



detail shot


Model and stylist Rebeka wore a skirt designed by herself and finished the color blocking theme of her outfit with a sponsored bag from Paul’s Boutique.

fashion photographer



Shot for: theModeCode; Model & Styling: Rebeka Kadlicsek; Concept & Photography: Megan Alter Photography; Location: Technische School, Amsterdam

Rebeka is wearing: sun-yellow blouse from 10FEET; cross-body bag from Paul’s Boutique; suede high-heels from Bershka; deep purple blazer from Envy.