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We love creating photos that tell a story on their own – no words needed. The Suicide Bride fashion series is one of our favorite photoshoots. Not only because of its surreal effect but also because it tells its own story.

The Suicide Bride fashion series tells a story within only a few high fashion images, above and under water. The series has now been featured in hello Modlin, a publication of To create the perfect spread we mixed images of the Suicide Bride and Survivor Bride fashion shoots we did with Model Joely Live. already published our “The Girl in the Window” photoshoot, featuring images of a similar  summer fashion shoot “Summer Fashion Shoot in Sintra, Portugal” and an article about the photoshoot.

This time there are no words needed to describe our very surreal fashion series.

See for yourself.


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Check our publication out in the online issue of Hello Modlin on page 54.