An Amsterdam fashion label, professional models and two genius brains pulling the strings and the camera trigger behind the scenes – that’s what makes a great photo shoot!

The images chosen for this article are actually a collection of several shoots Megan Alter Photography did for “Upper Mansion” Air Fashion. The production of this commercial photography was a collaboration with Leo NG, owner of Amsterdam’s Hair Fashion Salon and manager of Upper Mansion Air Fashion Company. Leo and Megan are two creative minds who think of everything possible and impossible, turning a normal fashion shoot into their very own playground of revolutionary ideas. They worked together on styling, beauty and advertising photo shoots – creating images that tell a story.

Portrait Photography

commercial photography

The shoots weren’t just about plain fashion photography for a label, they were a creative process of brainstorming ideas and thinking of new ways of displaying fashion by telling the labels story. They were shot around Amsterdam for a lifestyle feeling, in a studio with props, like the vintage leather chair, or even at locations out of this world  . . .


Working with people like Leo was always a great experience for us, because he is such an innovative and open minded person. To him it’s all about pushing the limits, which has influenced our way of working on a shoot quite a lot ever since.


After shooting different models in different locations with the ideas we brainstormed together, our final work was printed as giant poster stickers, which covered the entire front window of the Upper Mansion Air Fashion store in Amsterdam.



commercial photography



The last two images were inspired by the book “The Host” by Stephenie Meyer, an amazing piece she wrote after the twilight saga was finished. It is about souls from outer space taking over human bodies. So the makeup chosen was strong, powerful and more dramatic than before. It’s matching the background, which is obviously out of this world. Outer space and humankind united in one image – a truly surreal fashion shoot.

Upper Mansion Air Fashion

fashion photography



Shot for: Upper Mansion Air Fashion // Production: Leo NG, Megan Alter // Commercial Photography: Megan Alter Photography