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Yes, we have gift certificates available for all our workshops, courses and lessons.


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    Simple purchase the number of lessons you want to give and note “send me a gift certificate” in the comment section during checkout.

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    You will recieve your gift certificate via email.  You can then send it digitally or print it and give it as a gift on the special day.

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    After you have given the gift, send us the name and email address of the recipient. We can contact them or they can then contact us directly to be matched with their instructor.

Category: Private Lessons

All our workshop and course subjects are available to learn in Private Lessons. If you are interested in covering the Basics, you can pick 4 or 5 lesson hours. In the Basics course level you will:

  • Learn how to use your camera to take better photos.
  • Experiment with techniques such as shallow depth of field, freezing motion, night photography and motifying natural light.  Go to our Photography Basics course page if you want to know more about the content of our basics course.

If you choose to follow the private lessons at an Advanced Photography course level, you are able to delve deeper into subjects of your choice, develop your own style, and build your portfolio. The recommended course length here is around six lessons.

Additional subjects you can pick from are also available:

Category: Private Lessons

We reccomend starting with 5 or 6 private lessons.  The minimum to book is 3.  This is because you need time to practice and to repeatedly be using the skills in order to truely internalize the material in a way that will change your photography.

Category: Private Lessons

Yes, check out our teambuilding experience page.  We also offer the option to customize these events to what your group wants to learn. We also offer guided photo walks. If you are interested please contact us and let us know the size of your group, the date you are interested to have the workshop, how long you would like the workshop to be and what you would like your group to learn.

Category: Private Lessons



Photography BASICS Course

photography courses
Take better photos! Learn how to get the most from your digital camera by understanding the basics of photography.

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Learn by doing – take your photos to the next level and find your voice.

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PRIVATE lessons

single photography courses
Scheduled courses are great, but not all dates and times suit everyone. We offer one-on-one lessons that are flexible to meet your needs.

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