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Any course or workshop that can’t take place due to Covid measures is guaranteed and will be available for rescheduling and/ or refund.

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Courses & Workshops

Yes, there are gift certificates available for all our courses & workshops.

To request a gift certificate for any of our workshops, simply Email us after your purchase is made and we will send you the gift certificate. You can send it digitally or print and give it as a gift on the special day. After you have given the gift, send us the updated email address and the recipient will get an email with all the course information one week before the course starts.

Automated Gift Certificates are available for the basics course.  Upon checkout of your order for the basics course, will be given on option on the left bottom part of the screen to “add this as a Gift Certificate”.  Click this and you will recieve a gift certificate by email that you can send digitally or print and give as a gift on the special day.

The Advanced and Basics courses teaches the use of your camera in manual mode, so please check whether your camera allows you to shoot in (M) manual mode. This means you are able to set ISO, aperture and shutter speed on your own without the camera interfering. Other modes that might be useful are aperture priority (A) and shutter priority (S). All modes can be found on the dial wheel on the top of your camera.

Amsterdam Photography Courses

Apart from owning a digital camera that can be used in manual mode we don’t expect any other equipment.  You can also choose to take the private lessons and/or teambuilding experience with your camera phone

If you can not take the course for some reason, a refund or change to another course is possible, with 14 days notice before the first class. Since we reserve you a place in the course, just like a movie or concert ticket, a refund is not possible if you cancel within 14 days before the course starts or when the course has already begun regardless of circumstances. 

Gift certificates for private lessons are valid for one year. Private lessons must be canceled sooner then 48 hours before the lesson is to take place.

If you miss a class, you can go over the material for that day in your course booklet and do the exercises on your own. Then, If you have any questions on the missed class your instructor stays after each class for 15 minutes to help you with anything you didn’t understand.

It is not possible to attend a lesson from another course, as most of our courses sell out quickly and space is limited. Just like a concert or movie ticket your seat was reserved and can’t be switched to another day.

For the basics course, the field trip is always scheduled on Saturdays.  Since space is not limited on these trips we give the opportunity to visit the field trip in the upcoming course as well. Please visit the course page to check the dates.

For the advanced course, the field trip is a photoshoot that is not possible to recreate and the course is only held once a year.  For this reason it is not possible to make-up an advanced course field trip.


For the basics course you can switch to another course day if you give us a minimum of 7 days notice before the course starts and the course you request to switch to has open spots.  To do this send us an email with your name and the course you are signed up for, along with the one you would like to switch to.

For our other workshops, they are not hosted very often so it’s best to ask for a refund with a minimum of 7 days notice if you can’t make the course.

You can view all our course and workshop dates for the year on our Courses & Workshop Page in the sidebar

Many of our Advanced Workshops & Courses are only held once a year.  The dates for the following year will be announced in Nov.

Yes, all courses are in English. The presentations and course booklet are in English as well.


Amateur (Get the basics down)
We recomend 95 percent of our participates to start with the Photography Basics Course. For the Photography Basics Course we don’t expect any pre-knowledge.  This is the base for all other knowledge to be built on, even if you have taken a basics course before. Every level of photographer would have takeaways from a course like this.  The basics course is a prerequsite for most of our advanced workshops.  The basics course material can also be covered in Private Lessons or the Teambuilding Experience.

Experienced (I’ve taken the basics course)
After you have taken the basics course you can move onto the Advanced photography course, Private photography lessons, and/or Advanced workshops such as Natural Light Portraits, Fearless Street Photography.

Semi-Pro, Professional
We can help Professionals and Semi-pros build their portfolio through events such as Real Shoot Experience, Private photography lessons and Advanced Photography Course.

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Please bring:

  • Your camera.
  • SD card with free space on it.
  • The manual for your camera, in case there is a specific problem addressing your camera. 
  • Your course booklet or workshop handout which you will receive in your first lesson.
  • A pen to take notes can come in handy, too.
  • If it’s a lesson that will take place outside please dress for the weather.

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For beginners we reccomend a camera from the canon 650d-800d series, this is the most popular camera amoung our students. The higher the number the newer the model, they have the 800d out now but the older versions are also good. The Fuji Mirrorless line is also a popluar camera amoung our students (and teachers)

That being said, buying a camera is a very personal thing.  Similiar to buying a guitar if you are a musician.  So we strongly reccomend you consider your needs regarding quality, style and size of the camera.  Lastly, it’s also reccomended to hold the camera and test the “feel” for yourself in person, rather then buying it online based on specs alone.  Kamera express in Amsterdam can be a good store to help with this.

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Our workshop space at the House of Arts and Crafts is a 12 minute walk from central station as well as being reachable from many methods of public transit, it’s best to use google maps get route from your destination.  However here are a couple options- Metro 51, 53, 54 to Nieuwmarkt metro station. Trams 9, 14 to waterlooplein.  Buses 301, 304, 307, 314, 315, 316, 319 to Amsterdam, 347, 357 PrinsHendrikkade.


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Photography BASICS Course

photography courses
Take better photos! Learn how to get the most from your digital camera by understanding the basics of photography.

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Street Photography

street photography, photography workshops Amsterdam, street photography workshop, workshop Amsterdam, photography workshop Amsterdam

Go out and shoot! Learn the secrets to become a fearless street photographer. 3 part workshop

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Natural Light Portraits

No flash required!  Learn creative techniques for shooting unique natural light portraits.  3 part workshop.

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