A learn-by-doing photo exercise, that immediately improves your photography.

Improve your photography with these 19 composition techniques. Here is the ultimate photography hack.

During a photoshoot, I always approach the subject in as many ways as possible because it creates more dynamic results which increases the chance of getting “the one”.

Building a library of ways to approach your subject is the fastest and easiest way to immediately take better photos.  This is why we created Composition 19.  A photo project aimed at helping you build a library of ways to approach a shot.  

Invite others to join this challenge. This is the fastest way to take better photos! These techniques can also be used with your camera phone.

The purpose of composition techniques is to help draw more attention to your subject so first of all know what your subject is. What interests you in your available surroundings? For example, you can start with yourself, using a remote or timer….

What makes a good photo?

  • Know your subject (what interests you in the scene?)
  • Draw attention to your subject (creating a focal point)

Composition techniques… Why?

  • Enhance the focal point
  • Create a library of ways to approach a subject

Take a photo using several of the techniques. You can refer to the mood board as a reminder. This will immediately create better and more diverse images.

Please note some of these techniques are called rules but they are still techniques or you can think of them as suggestions.

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Good Luck

Megan started instructing in photography darkrooms over 20 years ago and has 14 years of experience teaching hands-on workshops in Amsterdam.