Photography and Video illustrating the work process of Rosa De Jong for a Global Campaign.

In June 2017 a New York based agency reached out to me with an artistic request. One of their clients had started a new commercial campaign. The concept was to document the work of artists all around the world.  Since I am located in Amsterdam I spent one day documenting the amazing artwork of female artist Rosa de Jong and her award winning art piece collection: Micro Matter. She creates tiny worlds inside of glass tubes, with a lot of attention to detail. Those little worlds are usually a house on top of some grass and earth inside a long thin glass tube.

Together with the agency, the Megan Alter Production Team created a time lapse of her work process, which usually takes between six and eight hours. We spent an entire day shooting video footage and taking pictures of the ongoing process in Rosa’s studio. Due to the long time we spent together, Rosa and I had some really nice conversations about art and photography. It’s always nice to bond with a fellow artist while you are both doing the thing you love.

Credits:  Artist: Rosa de Jong // Photography: Megan Alter // Time Lapse Photography: Luis Monteiro