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Photography Trainings Online & In Amsterdam

Welcome to our course selection. We are offering photography courses in Amsterdam as well as online courses and online photo reviews. We recommend that 95% of people begin with the Photography Basics Course. This is the most popular course and is offered online as well as in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Course Offerings

Photography Basics Course, Amsterdam

Image of a person talking a portrait of Megan during the Basics Photography Course

Our most popular course 13 years and running. Learn how to use your camera to take better photos. Hands-on, 6-week course.

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Natural Light Portraits Workshop, Amsterdam

Behind the Scenes photo of people at the Natural Light Portraits Workshop. One is modeling, one is holding photography equipment and one is taking photos with their camera.
Learn creative techniques for shooting unique natural light portraits.  3 part workshop.

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Fearless Street Photography

Go out and shoot! Learn the secrets to becoming a fearless street photographer. 3 part workshop

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Online Photography Course Offerings

Darkroom, Online Photography membership

An exsample of a beautiful Art Photography photo. This photo shows how students can be creative and tell stories with their images.
We now have an online membership that gives participants monthly assignments and photo reviews. Helping them find their voice and build their portfolio.

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