What is the best camera to buy for new photographers

It can be argued that almost everyone is a photographer nowadays, with cameras in our pockets/purses?

Some of these photographers want to take their photography to the level of having authentic shallow depth-of-field images and motion effects. If you are a true fan of shallow depth of field like I am, then the time has come to buy a camera. Who wouldn’t love more expressive and higher-quality images right?

Technique over Tech

Which camera should I buy is one of the most common questions I get from new photographers. I’m in the camp that the tools are not the most important part of photography. Most modern cameras are good so this is a subject that you can easily over-analyse. But with that being said, our tools inspire us and be matched to what we want to do with them.

Camera Guide

If you would like my advice and perspective on what’s important, you can Download my Camera Buying Guide here.  Just take a look and you will start to understand the important considerations when buying a new camera. You will get our brand recommendations and understand why we recommend certain brands over others. (Spoiler alert, I recommend Canon as one of my preferred brands for beginners).

The goal here is to express ourselves so finding a camera that inspires you and “feels” good is more important than specs alone. So always go with what feels right for you.

Megan started instructing in photography darkrooms over 20 years ago and has 14 years of experience teaching hands-on workshops in Amsterdam.

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