During the Amsterdam Fashion Week, sponsored by Mercedes Benz, I photographed a ballet fashion show for theModeCode. In this exhibition, a dance performance was combined with a film. The event took place on Saturday, January 24th in the Koepelkerk – Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel. It was a collaboration between The Nationale Ballet, designer David Laport and filmmaker Mathieu Gremillet.

ballet fashion show

Two ballet dancers performed in movements inspired by insects. I loved the contrast between the sophistication and elegance of ballet combined with the unique and sometimes awkward insect inspired movements. They showed how a butterfly transforms from a worm and how “Evil” wants to take this change down before the final stage.

ballet show

The detailed choreography of the dancers was fascinating to follow in harmony with the fashion film in the background. The dancers controled every part of their body in order to take the audience through the ‘story’ they told.

Amsterdam Fashion Week

ballet fashion show

fashion event

also featured on: theModeCode // Event: Amsterdam Fashion Week // Photography: Megan Alter Photography