Find Your Voice, Develop Your Photography Portfolio.

We now have an online course that guides participants through photoshoots from execution to image review. Helping them find their voice and build their portfolio.

Do you know how to use your camera and understand the basics of photography but are wondering how to move forward? Would you like to create a Storytelling photography series you can be proud of and expresses your unique vision?

Develop your photography with the newly redesigned Art of Portfolio Creation Course

In 2019 we hosted our first Art of Portfolio Creation Course.  More people than ever have been asking for this course. The Art of Portfolio Creation course is now an online course with a supportive creative community. 

Would you like to feel motivated to take photos with lots of ideas and get feedback to create a new body of work that helps you get in touch with your voice and what you want to express? We will teach you how to choose and work within a concept. How to create a shoot from start to finish with feedback along the way. 

We will hold you accountable and be waiting expectantly to see your image results, this helps with motivation and inspiration.


The Mission of this course is to help each student find and express their unique vision and create a meaningful series. To develop their portfolio while improving their technique.  For each participant to feel the satisfaction of having a body of work that they are proud to share and tells a story. 

How can it help you express yourself and learn about yourself..? One of the goals we have for the students is that they learn what sets them and their perspective apart from others, and that can only be done through group critique and exploring multiple areas of photography.

  • Find your voice by experiencing photoshoots from execution to image review.
  • Explore different areas of photography in order to improve your skills and understand which areas interest you the most.
  • Increase your awareness of light and composition. Learn to see the way the camera sees.
  • Discover what sets your photos apart by realizing your unique perspective.
  • Learn the steps involved in planning and executing a photo shoot & working with a person on a portrait or fashion shoot.
  • The art of series and portfolio creation.


What do I need to take my photography to the next level? 

  1. Walk through the steps of making a shoot.
  2. Receive assignments and shooting deadlines to motivate you to create.
  3. Feedback on your work.
  • Photo Reviews

    Receive feedback on your image, discuss the images and learn from each other in a supportive group. We want to support you and watch your work develop.

  • Creative Community

    Each course has a WhatsApp group so you can communicate with your classmates. Developing in photography takes motivation, inspiration and you need a supportive community to help you with that.

  • Homework, Learn by doing

    Master the skills in creative assignments. After each class, you will have a photography assignment to do with your camera related to the techniques of the lesson of the week but in the subject of your interest.

  • Course Photo Shoot

    Each participant will plan and execute a photoshoot during the course. We will work with mood-boards which opens the opportunity to tell stories. Walking the participants through the process of planning a shoot, creating and working with a mood-board is a skill that can be used for every future photo ambition they have.


This program is designed for people who know the basics of how to use their camera but want support developing their photography style and building a body of work by further exploring different areas of photography. Such as Portraits, Close-up, Wide angle establishing shots, and other photos you need to be able to take in order to tell a complete story and create a unique image for every element of your shot list.

People who are looking for specific simple advice on how to create a photography story and build a body of work that expresses a vision, with a focus on the photography of people.

Beyond that, all levels are welcome. 

  • Knowledge: This course is for people to understand the basics of photography and know how to use their camera. This means you understand the exposure triangle shutter speed, aperture, and ISO as well as how to properly focus.
  • Equipment: A camera that allows for adjustment of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Camera phones are allowed if you are trained and know how to work with the exposure triangle via your smartphone. It’s not a technical course, it’s more about concept and approach. Joining with a camera phone is allowed but it would benefit to have a camera with manual controls on the outside of the device.

*The course is not for people that don’t know how to use their camera or are having technical problems with focus and blurry images.


I want to support photographers to continue developing their photography after they learn the basics. I’ve seen people’s motivation fall away in the past and I know the elements people need in order to continue progressing in their photography development. Such as:

  • Clear goals and shooting assignments
  • Continuing to learn and experiment with new techniques
  • Self-discovery, each participant will have a preference for different techniques and styles which helps them build their personal style.
  • Giving feedback on work and showing work is essential for the motivation and desire to create to continue.
  • Bi-weekly meetings and assignments, introducing and covering new areas to explore, with photo reviews. Meetings hosted via Zoom.
  • Coaching and feedback on your photography style and direction.
  • Online meetings and videos that take you through A-Z of Creating a Photoshoot and ending up with a series.
  • International Group.
  • Certification- Certificate of completion.
  • Length of Program: 12 weeks.
  • Touchpoints: 2 live Zoom calls per month, Wednesdays. Breakout rooms and connections with other participants to share challenges successes and advice.
  • How long do you have access to the course: 18 weeks.
  • Gift Certificates Available: Yes

Refund Policy

You can request a refund up to 14 days before the course starts.


Megan Alter. Megan has over 20 years of experience in photography and 14 years of experience teaching real-life classes to 140 students per year. Megan is a unique mentor in the photography world due to her humble beginnings instructing in the photography darkrooms and her 14 years of experience teaching hands-on workshops in Amsterdam. Megan has Hosted Photography workshops for Nike, Albelli, and Featured in Good Light Magazine

Zoom Magazine, Visual Strands, Iamsterdam, Shutterstock. Photography Mentor and Photography Spokesperson for Albelli International (2015)


Assignments and Videos: released at the beginning of each month.
Live Zoom Photo Review Sessions: 3rd or 4th Wednesday of each month.
2024 LIVE Zoom Meeting Dates: Jan. 24th, Feb. 21st, Mar. 20th, Apr. 17th, May 22nd June 19th, July 17th, Aug. 21st Sept. 18th, Oct. 23rd, Nov. 20th, Dec. 18th

This course is full, please check our other upcoming course dates.
Course Details

6 Online Lesson Modules
6 Live Zoom Meetings, Wednesday Evenings:
Dates: June 26th, July 10th, July 24th, Aug 7th, Aug. 21st, Sept. 4th.
Times: 19:00-20:15/20:30
Location: Zoom room & Breakout rooms
Price: €597 Inclusive VAT

This course is full, please check our other upcoming course dates.


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