Go out and shoot! Learn the secrets to becoming a fearless street photographer with our hands-on workshop.


What is street photography? This three-part photography workshop will teach you all about fearless street photography in the very heart of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities – Amsterdam. You will learn how to put buildings and people into perspective. Get inspired by famous street photographers and try new techniques in creative hands-on challenges in the streets of Amsterdam.

  • Use your digital camera to capture unique perspectives of life on the street.
  • Develop your confidence when shooting on the street and know your rights.
  • Learn different approaches to street photography and put them into practice.
  • Learn to overcome fear with our courage challenges.
  • Compare Asking for permission vs asking for forgiveness when shooting and how this affects the resulting images.
  • Discover incognito techniques to capturing candid moments.
  • Create meaningful images that tell a story, not random photos of strangers.


  • Workshop Set-up: Learn By Doing

    The workshop will include a concise lecture and visual presentation on street photography. You will gain access to our google classroom with videos to help you prepare and illustrate the different techniques we will use. Then we will take our knowledge to the streets, going to two areas in Amsterdam.

  • Courage Challenges

    During the workshop you will be given partner challenges to put your new knowledge to use in the streets of Amsterdam and overcome your fear. We will give new techniques to try at each destination.

  • Review Session

    Here you will bring your results and we will give you feedback.  We will discuss common editing techniques, image choice, and how to present your final results to the world.


  • Equipment: A camera. (Camera rentals available 40euros.)
  • Knowledge: You must know how to use your camera and understand the fundamentals of photography. If not, sign up for our Photography Basics Course.


What’s included: Real-life shooting event in Amsterdam City center. Post-production meeting over zoom. Street Photography technique Videos and mood board.
Instructor: Megan and Attila
Class Size: 15 students
Language: English
Gift Certificates Available: Yes


€ 395 incl. BTW
Dates:   Shooting Dates: Jun. 25th, Jul. 2nd [Review Session: Jul. 9th]
Times: Shooting Dates 19:00-21:00 [Review Session:19:00-20:15]

This workshop is a real-life event! For the convenience of international participants, the Review session will be hosted via Zoom.

This course is full, please check our other upcoming course dates.

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