Taking inventory of your skills & knowledge before goal setting.

As a very future oriented person, I sometimes forget to stop, acknowledge and celebrate the things I’ve accomplished before moving on to my next goal. But this is such an important step. I invite you this December to review what you already know, about your photo strengths, about the photos that make you excited, what do they have in common? What’s the best photo you took this year? What did you do right in that image? Then when January comes, we will talk about where we want to go next.

I feel so lucky every year to host so many groups of great people at our educational center in Amsterdam. I think it’s because we are not a university and that everyone is there because they want to have fun and learn that our students are so great and motivated. Michele & I thank everyone who came through our doors in the last two crazy years and gave it their all.. It was a pleasure. 

Featured Work by Photography Basics Participant Angela

We are proud to present this concept series created by Angela during the Photography Basics Course. She used long exposure concepts taught in lesson 2 and low key photo concepts from lesson 3, to create these surreal images. ❤️

2022 Let the classes Begin…

Featured Work by Photography Basics Course Participant Melitta

Melitta created this image during the Photography Basics course field trip to NDSM in Amsterdam Noord.

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