Last week in Amsterdam we hosted a Casting Call. We invited some talented individuals who are interested in collaborating with us on the next Real Shoot Experience. Here are a couple of the faces that will be contributing in the event next month, which is hosted at the American Hotel, Amsterdam. If you would like to attend the event, you can get more information here- The Real Shoot Experience

Model Leroy Soethoudt has the perfect no-nonsense style and direct look that we wanted for the madmen theme.












Photo Stylist Babet van Peer will be working behind the scenes. Utilizing her specialty for vintage styling to help bring the 1950’s theme to life in 2012.








Clothing designer Leontien Konojn is also the owner of the shop (check out her store on Overtoom). We will be using her gorgeous vintage inspired dresses for our female models this November.










Keep an eye on the website as we will be announcing the selection for the other two models later this week to complete our Casting Call!