Featuring the complete Madmen production team for the Amsterdam Photography Workshop: Madmen- Real Photo-Shoot Experience, Nov. 17th 2012

When Model Nathan Meijer isn’t studying business, he’s inspiring creative photography works. See more of his work at Model Mayhem

Hair Stylist Miranda Westerhof is taking time out from her busy life of running her own hair salon in Amsterdam City center, to do the vintage hair styling of our models next week.

Iwona Montel is leading the PR for Megan Alter Photography, and responsible for securing our great event location at the American Hotel, Amsterdam. But that’s not all, she is also a great photographer in her own right who will be assisting in photography instructions at the Real Shoot Experience workshop.

Yours truly. I’m really looking forward to hosting this Amsterdam Photography Workshop and it’s been a great experience so far getting to know all the talented people on the production team who will be collaborating on this event. It is truly a group effort to make this event happen and everyone involved will share credit in the results on Nov. 17th. I can’t wait.