If one of our courses doesn’t fit into your schedule you may also consider custom photography lessons for yourself or a small group. Lessons are catered to your specific goals and on your chosen dates.

One-on-one photography lessons are Hosted in Amsterdam & Den Haag. Private lessons can normally cover the Digital Photography Basics course in 4 or 5 sessions. Lessons for 1 person are 1 hour, all other lessons are 1.5 hours each. (Prices are per person, exclusive of VAT) Fill out the form below to book your photography lessons.

RATES PER PERSON: 1 Person2 People3 People
3 Lessons€390€330€270
4 Lessons€505€430€350
5 Lessons€620€530€430
6 Lessons€735€630€510
This is for invoicing purposes, nothing will be mailed to you.