Photography Courses & Workshops

Learn by doing with our hands-on photography workshops

Digital Photography Basics CourseBasic Photography Course-450x188Take better photos! Learn how to get the most from your digital camera by understanding the basics of photography.
Advanced Digital PhotographyAdvanced Photo Course-450x188Learn by doing, Take your photos to the next level and find your voice.
Real Shoot ExperienceReal Shoot Experience-450x188 Experience what it’s like to be a professional Photographer for a day and build your portfolio.
One-on-One lessonsCreative Photography Results from Photography LessonsScheduled courses are great, but not all dates and times suit everyone. We offer one-on-one lessons that are flexible to meet your needs. Learn more
Learn Photoshop Photoshop-450x188Give your photos that extra pop, we will teach you the basics as well as trade secrets to help you take your photos to the next level. Learn how
What people are saying

“Educative & informative, lots of opportunity to ask questions, share points of views= great!  Concepts of aperture, exposure, etc. were alien to me before , now I understand how things lay together, which really makes photography so much more enjoyable. Great teacher who is enthusiastic about her work/profession- yes, contagious.  Thank you.” -Katja Hoppe