You are the average of the five people you most associate with” – Tim Ferris

Never has this been more true than on this Brooklyn fashion shoot with Elif Altinbasak and Nicole Pitton.

It was amazing to work with my favorite two girlfriends on this once in a lifetime collaboration. I flew in from Amsterdam and Nicole from Switzerland to collaborate with Elif in New York City.

In a photoshoot production you have to roll with the punches whether it’s a model not showing up, bad weather or in this case an emergency with the makeup artist which had us on a three hour delay. The shoot was shaped by our time problem-solving: We were running out of daylight! So instead of walking to the park, we hopped in the first van sized cab we could find and drove, eyes wide looking out the window for a spot where the sun still hit Prospect Park. Stop! We found one, and managed to get great shots in the magic light right before the sun disappeared… 30 minutes total.

It was great working with models Susanna and Julia on this shoot with my two best friends. It was also nostalgic to shoot in Prospect Park which is close to where I lived in Brooklyn back in 2003.

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Models: Susanna Hancock & Julia Knoth // Production: Elif Altinbasak // Lighting: Nicole Nitton // Photography: Megan Alter Photography // Location: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York